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Warehouse and transport systems

We are JUMA Logistik GmbH

We specialise in warehouse, storage and transport systems, including their design and manufacture. Our products satisfy all industry requirements. Take advantage of our extensive experience in the production of customised solutions. We will support and provide you with advice for all of your logistics and warehouse optimisation projects, and for designing the packaging for your new product. Please feel free to pay us a visit or to arrange for us to visit you at your offices to discuss your requirements.

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We use state-of-the-art CAD software to design your new transport and storage systems.

This allows us to determine the ideal packing density with due consideration of the optimal external dimensions for transport by lorry and container or for your internal requirements. We will provide you with expert advice and assistance and will develop the ideal solution for your needs in collaboration with you. That's because you are, after all, the one who is more familiar with your company and what it needs. For us, it's not about trying to sell you special solutions, but to identify the most suitable one for you. This can also involve standard products like pallet cages, pallet cage frames, wooden stacking frames, Euro pallets and disposable pallets. When helping to identify the best solution for you, we do so taking into account the entire process and pay close attention to costs, benefits, ergonomics and handling.

3D CAD Software

If we find that you might benefit from a custom solution, we will develop the perfect system for you here at our company. Our production department will then produce a prototype or a small series of this solution. You will be very welcome to visit us during prototype production in order to inspect the results and to ensure that any changes are implemented immediately. Once we have successfully developed a fitting solution, we will select the best possible production plant for the series manufacture of your product.

Quick and efficient optimisation of your warehouse / flexible block storage system

A tidy house, a tidy mind! The same principle applies to companies! Workflows that are well organised and structured are efficient and save costs! Every company has its "hidden corners"! Whether it's in the warehouse or production – things will be untidy somewhere or other! Do not waste valuable resources by simply leaving your pallets and products lying around the building. Take advantage of the opportunities of our JUMA block stacking system! You can assemble and dismantle your block stacking system quickly and easily at any location. The ability the stack products will allow you to make maximum use of the height of your warehouse! No need for floor anchoring! The system can also easily hold heavy loads! Our JUMA block stacking system is suitable for indoor and outdoor use. With our system, you will be able to free up 3/4 of your floor space – making it available for other things! Our block stacking system makes storing and retrieving items easy!
The JUMA block stacking system allows you to be flexible, quick, efficient and safe!

Benefit from our extensive experience working with various industrial sectors:

· Special load carriers and transport frames for the automotive and automotive supplier industries
· Foil roll holders for foil manufacturing or processing
· Paper roll holders for the paper industry
· Textile roll containers for the textiles industry
· Tugger trains for modern and optimised production processes
· Post pallets or our JUMA block stacking system for flexible block storage
· Glass storage racks for use in glass production such as windowpanes or windscreens
· Heavy-duty racks for building materials
· Motorcycle storage racks for motorcycle manufacturers or freight carriers
· Long storage racks for profiles etc. ...