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• We are DIN EN ISO 9001:2015-certified

We see ourselves as a service provider and manufacturer of products related to the area of transport and storage systems, as well as in the area of intralogistics, tugger trains and conveyor belts. We can provide you with special solutions as well as standard products. Our operations are certified DIN EN ISO 9001:2015 and our welding processes are certified to DIN EN ISO 3834-2. So, not only do we comply with the highest quality standards, but are also constantly improving them!

Consulting services

We will advise you on all aspects relating to special and standard packaging, as well as storage and transport systems. We can provide advice in a variety of ways and will do so in line with your preferences and requirements. We will be happy to visit you on your premises or advise you by telephone or Skype.


Just contact us.

3D CAD development

We use state-of-the-art CAD software as the first step in developing our special solutions for you. Our CAD workstations ensure that you receive truly professional designs. We are able to process a large variety of CAD data. We base our designs on the specifics of your components, determine the ideal packing density or engineer a solution based on your specifications or on the basis of framework conditions defined in collaboration with you. You will be able to inspect the finished product on the computer screen before the first prototype is built. This means you can request any necessary changes in good time, which means they are not going to incur any additional costs. You can use the plan to give to your customers or colleagues as a preview of the finished product. This can help avoid drawn-out revision cycles.

3D CAD Entwicklung

Prototype construction

We will build your prototype in our in-house production department. Our qualified and certified experts have extensive experience in the area of transport racks and special load carriers. Producing our products on-site allows us to respond quickly and easily to changes. You are very welcome to join us at our production facility while your new products are being manufactured. Visit our production department and check your prototype. This allows us to implement any necessary changes immediately.


Series production

We don't just produce prototypes, but also manufacture products in small and large batches. Every product that we deliver is checked and approved by our internal quality management department based on our own approval processes. This enables us to guarantee the high quality standards necessary and expected of us at all times!


Our standard product range

You can also easily and inexpensively purchase products from our standard product range such as Euro pallets, pallet cages, pallet cage frames, sheet metal containers, flat pallets, post pallets, tubular frame pallets and much more. We have a comprehensive delivery service and are able to deliver your products to you wherever you may need them, quickly and efficiently. We are here to help you succeed!

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Transport racks and special load carriers

Our long-standing experience allows us to give you competent, efficient and targeted advice that considers all the necessary components for special load carrier solutions. When choosing carriers, we consider:

• ergonomic requirements for the product and your staff
• optimal packing density
• most effective use of necessary materials (what is good for the environment, is good for your budget)
• the right dimensions for optimum transport or efficient use in your warehouse or production
• all your logistical processes (industrial trucks, roller conveyors etc.)
• the conditions on site (building height, floor, outside areas etc.)

Comprehensive solutions

We also advise you on comprehensive solutions and deliver them as well. You can purchase your high racks or roller conveyors with the necessary load carriers and tugger trains directly from us. If you are planning a new production or warehouse facility, we will also advise you on the logistics equipment you need! Including beyond the standard range of products. We also provide pneumatic, hydraulic or electric solutions. Just contact us!

Drawings & items lists

We provide you with a complete set of drawings, detailed descriptions and item lists for your internal documentation!