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JUMA Construction materials

We have an extensive product range for storing construction materials and heavy loads:

JUMA block storage system (JBS racks)

Your mobile block storage system: Keeps things neat in your indoor and outdoor warehouse. Floor anchoring is not necessary. The JUMA block storage system takes just minutes to adapt perfectly to the changing needs in your warehouse. It is used wherever it is required. No matter when or where. Offering flexible use at any time, even for heavy loads of 1,000 kg and more per pallet space.

Assembled quickly and easily & safe to stack. Removable uprights for compact storage when not in use.

Simply put together your mobile block storage system to suit your requirements:
We can offer you mobile block storage systems with one, two or three pallet spaces. The usable height and load-bearing capacity can be adapted to your specifications. The adjustable uprights allow flexible usable heights to adapt your mobile block storage system to changing requirements at any time.

FLEXIBLE, MOBILE, SAFE! Ready for use at any time, without fasteners!

JUMA Blocklager-System

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Racks for plastic and sewage pipes

We offer you an extensive product portfolio for the storage of plastic and sewage pipes. The advantages include the complete storage of pipe bundles within the rack, as well as their individual retrieval when necessary. The racks are also stackable to ensure full utilisation of available height. The uprights can be removed at any time for compact storage when not in use. Maximum flexibility for your warehouse, as our racks for plastic and sewage pipes can be used any time without additional fasteners. On the spot – precisely where they are needed.

We offer the following models:
Racks for plastic and sewage pipes "small" – for pipe lengths up to 2 metres
Racks for plastic and sewage pipes "medium" – for pipe lengths between 2 and 5 metres
Racks for plastic and sewage pipes "large" – for pipe lengths above 5 metres


Pallet cage frames

Our pallet cage frames are the ideal add-ons for Euro and disposable pallets. They are also cost-efficient alternatives to cage pallets. We manufacture our frames both with and without mesh panelling. Unlike standard cage pallets, pallet cage frames do not take up much storage space when empty, as they can be collapsed and then stacked. They can be quickly assembled when needed and are therefore available in the warehouse in no time at all. This makes it possible to store and transport products with a great deal flexibility.

Our pallet cage frames are available in a large number of versions and sizes. Custom-producing products based on templates and drawings is part of our daily business. In the end, your preferences and requirements decide what the finished product will look like. Our pallet cage frames are available either galvanized, hot-dip galvanised or painted in a variety of colours.


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