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Post pallets are alternatives to traditional Euro pallets or Euro pallet cages and can be used flexibly. Post pallets are made of welded steel, which makes them extremely durable. They can be used as transport racks or as mobile block storage systems. We can adapt the racks to suit your requirements. Post pallets can be used in a wide range of areas. For long items, heavy loads or to hold cage pallets and Euro pallets, to name just a few examples. When using post pallets, long items can protrude over the shorter sides and still be stored safely. The uprights stop the loads from slipping. Simply contact us for detailed advice.

Another advantage of post pallets is that they are stackable. This means you can make full use of the room height and not just the floor space. They can also be assembled to form a shelving unit, known as a block storage system, in no time at all. When not in use, the uprights can be quickly removed from the pallets and hence allow for compact storage. Alternatively, the block storage system can also simply be moved to another location. This means that it will always be precisely where it is needed.
Post pallets racks are just as good when it comes to transporting them, especially when dealing with heavy and bulky items or when accommodating loaded pallets. When empty they, can be stacked without taking up much space and therefore help to minimise transport costs.

We offer various models of post pallets that can be adapted to match your requirements: Post pallets with rigid uprights, loose inserted uprights, a compartment in the base for uprights and with reinforced base, as well as collapsible, stackable and nesting models etc. You can also your post pallets fitted with side parts or yokes. The base can be made of sheet metal, mesh or wood.
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